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Sigma Energy Viewer Overview

Sigma Energy Viewer 3 buttonsThe Sigma energy viewer is an easy-to-use module which provides a quick overview of site energy and billing data. The software enables large multi-site organisations to give site staff responsibilities for their energy.

The software has three main functions:

  • View utility bills
  • Enter meter readings
  • Analyse consumption, cost and profile data

The energy viewer empowers managers at individual sites of an organisation to monitor their spend and energy use. It also allows multi-site users such as area managers to compare the performance of the sites within their area of responsibility.

Sigma Energy Viewer with charts

A centralised team, such as the energy team or finance team within an organisation can monitor the overall figures being entered into the database.

The Sigma Energy Viewer is tablet friendly, and Internet Explorer 8 and above compatible.

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 Key Benefits of Sigma Energy Viewer

Potential benefits to your organisation of implementing the Sigma Energy Viewer:

  • Quick and easy access to energy information for site contacts
  • View your site half hourly consumption to help detect waste
  • Simple bill viewing
  • Site performance overview identifies best and worst performing sites
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy as meter read information can be entered by site contacts directly into Sigma
  • Potential to identify overcharges with accurate, regular meter reads
  • Automatic meter read validation helps avoid entry errors
  • Customisable access for all your users
  • Easy to understand, and analyse graphs

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The Energy Viewer provides a key tool to help us deliver our energy policy objectives.
– Abigail Lambarti, Energy Manager

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