Sigma EDI Supplier Billing

Powerful and precise electronic billing. 

Effective estate and portfolio management can lead to significant cost savings. However, maintaining a reliable database, processing and validating utility bills can be demanding on an organisation’s resources.  Receiving electronic utility bills can be fundamental for organisations in ensuring data accuracy, alleviating resources, and maximising cost recoveries.

Our Sigma EDI Billing software gives you the power to generate accurate industry standard EDI bills for your customers quickly and efficiently.

The sophisticated solution generates electronic bills from your existing billing system. It can generate files for any utility in any format including the TRADACOMS industry standard. With extensive distribution tools and flexible invoice designs, your EDI bills can be tailored to meet your corporate brand requirements.

We will work in partnership with you to seamlessly implement Sigma EDI Billing, so you can continue billing, with no interference to your current operations.

Key features and benefits:

  • Quick and easy implementation

    Our flexible solution will seamlessly integrate into your operations without interfering with your existing billing systems and can fit around existing processes.

  • Robust data security

    As well as being IS027001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified, we use open standards to ensure complete privacy and data security through digital encryption, digital signatures and a common AS1 or AS2 standard between you and your customer.

  • Reduce your costs

    In adopting electronic invoice distribution, you can significantly reduce the overheads associated with manual billing.

  • Improved customer satisfaction

    Your customers can process and validate billing data in a fraction of the time usually taken for manual entry, reducing their operational costs. Errors can be eliminated by validating bills prior to customer distribution.

  • Value added customer service

    Online hosted invoices and historical billing information are accessible to your customers at any time.

  • Flexibility to meet your needs

    Suitable for all utilities including telecoms, gas, oil, water and both half-hourly and non-half-hourly electricity data.

  • Improved traceability

    System tracking logs provide you with proof of delivery for all issued bills. The intelligent system records when your message has been read and automatically resends data when required.

  • Developed to meet industry standards

    The use of industry standards, including TRADACOMS, guarantees consistent and accurate invoice data that can be automatically validated, speeding up your invoicing and payment.

  • Complete auditability

    The solution is HM Revenue and Customs compatible, supporting the creation of legal paper bills and VAT reports.

  • Supports business sustainability goals

    Electronic billing operations enable you to employ paperless operations, helping you achieve your sustainability goals.