The key benefits of Sigma EDI Billing software are:

  • Quick & Easy implementation – the flexible off the shelf solution will not interfere with your existing billing system and can fit around existing billing processes.
  • Data Security – uses open standards to ensure complete privacy and data security through digital encryption, digital signatures and a common AS1 or AS2 standard between customer and supplier.
  • Cost Reduction – electronic invoice distribution significantly reduces cost.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction – Your customer can process and validate billing data in a fraction of the time usually taken for manual entry, reducing their costs. Errors can be eliminated by validating bills prior to customer distribution.
  • Versatility – suitable for all utilities including telecoms, gas, oil, water and both half-hourly and non-half-hourly electricity data.
  • Traceability – A tracking log provides proof of the origin and integrity of the data, it automatically checks for receipts and re-sends the message if required. You can track when the message has been read and your customer can see the identity of the utility supplier.
  • Industry Standard – the use of standards like TRADACOMS promotes consumer trust. Invoice data is consistent and can be automatically validated which speeds up the process of invoicing and, more importantly, payment.
  • Auditability – HM Revenue & Customs compatible for the creation of legal paper bills and VAT reports.

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