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Our Sigma EDI billing software gives you the power to generate EDI bills for your customers. It can generate files for electricity, gas and water bills in any desired format including the TRADACOMS industry standard.

We can offer all the support required to implement the software so that the EDI bills are generated from your existing billing system, with no interference to your organisation’s current operation. The software has extensive distribution tools and flexible invoice designs mean that your bills can be tailored to meet your corporate brand requirements.

With our EDI billing software, you will be able to pass on advantages to your customers with HTML generated invoices, that are hosted online, and access to historical billing information.

Customer Quotes

EDI offers our customers the complete eBilling solution. Bills are received in a timely manner, they are quickly uploaded and validated leading to swift authorisation for payment. Ultimately both we and the customer can benefit from the software.
– Gas Utility

eBilling has proven itself over the years to be an excellent added value service for us in terms of providing both a reliable customer service, and also assisting the business sales teams in the retention and gaining of business. It has been very rewarding to work with and see the customer reaping the benefit.
– Electricity Utility

Two hundred and fifty manual invoices used to take at least 2 man days to key into the database, validate and process for payments. Now a single monthly payment is processed, and the database loading is performed automatically in only 10 minutes.
– Major Telecoms Company

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