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TEAM Sigma Mobile Data Entry AppSigma’s Mobile Data Entry App enables you to easily and quickly input electricity, gas and water meter reads directly into your Sigma Software.

By using your Android Tablet or Smartphone, you can remotely input readings while out at site and check them as you go.

Adding the Sigma Mobile Data Entry App to your range of energy management tools and software programs will increase flexibility, increase accuracy and provide remote on-site access to multi-commodity energy consumption at each, and all of your metered sites.

The Sigma Mobile Data Entry App allows you to submit meter readings, this eliminates the need for manual input in the office, which could lead to errors. The manual reads taken could be exported from Sigma’s Software and sent to your energy supplier, decreasing the use of potential incorrectly estimated reads. The App can easily accommodate organisations with a large portfolio, campus sites and multi-tenanted buildings.

How Does the Sigma Mobile Data Entry App Work?

Submitting your readings

The process couldn’t be simpler. The Sigma Mobile Data Entry App lists your metering portfolio, your meter by commodity, you just select the correct meter from the list and input your new reading. This will automatically update your Sigma database. Multiple members of an organisation can download the App and submit meter reads from their device and remote location to the central Sigma database, you can also centrally control which meter each user can view from within TEAM Sigma Software.

Finding your meters

The energy metering software will help you find the nearest meter in your database. A meter can be identified by searching for the meter serial number, the ‘name’ given to the meter in Sigma. The Sigma Mobile Data Entry App also provides the opportunity to photograph a meter and send the image straight to your database. This gives the chance to immediately capture and store images of the locations of meters so you can find them again easily.

Working offline

Meters can be located in areas without mobile or wireless signal. The Sigma Mobile Data Entry App tackles this by offering a Work Offline option. All reads can be stored until signal is available, when the reads will be communicated to, and updated in the Sigma Software automatically.


Our Energy Bureau Customers

Energy Bureau customers using SigNet will, the same as our Sigma Software customers, be able to submit meter reads into their database held by their TEAM Energy Bureau service delivery team. The meter reads and images can be submitted directly into the software and be viewed by Energy Bureau customers in SigNet.

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TEAM Customer Case Studies

Team Customer Review
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The support desk is superb, the development side in particular is good. I approached TEAM probably about a year ago, with the requirement for an app or something, something to bring our reads into the 21st century.

Andrew Caldwell, Energy and Environmental Manager
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