TEAM Sigma Software as a Service

Are you looking for a cloud-based Energy Management Software as a Service (SaaS) solution?
TEAM has the answer…

TEAM Sigma Software as a Service is cloud-based and allows organisations to manage their energy data from any number of energy suppliers more effectively and efficiently, across multiple sites.

Why TEAM Sigma Software as a Service?

TEAM Sigma CloudTEAM’s cloud-based Sigma Software as a Service will support you by;

    • Automatically identifying excess consumption
    • Import and check large volumes of utility bills using EDI files
    • Imports checked and approved utility invoices directly into your accounts payable system
    • Avoiding over payment on energy bills
    • Save time by eliminating manual input
    • Avoiding wasting energy
    • Identifying problem areas quickly

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Overview of TEAM Sigma Software as a Service

SaaS vs On-Premise Energy Management SoftwareIt allows you to collate and analyse energy data from all your sources in one system. It does the hard work for you by automatically identifying excess consumption and potential cost savings without the need to spend time on manually analysing data from various sources.

TEAM Sigma Cloud removes the need for you to install and run applications on your own IT infrastructure – servers are located off premise and out of sight. TEAM host the software for you and roll out regular software updates, whilst offering you the highest levels of security with ISO27001 compliance.

Subscribing to TEAM Sigma Cloud

TEAM Sigma Cloud is the most flexible and cost effective way to manage your energy. Subscribing to TEAM’s Sigma Software as a Service has flourished in recent years because of the many benefits it offers to businesses of all sizes and types.

These include;

What’s included?

Database Management A wide variety of data sources can be loaded into the database, from utility invoices (both electronic and manually entered) to manual meter reads and high frequency data (i.e. half hourly data from over 100 different sources including utility suppliers, and data collectors). Accessing and Sharing Information It can provide secure access to your data through the Internet or your intranet. A dashboard homepage can be customised to show only information relevant to the individual user. Levels of access can be set for different users depending on their requirements of the system.
Managing Queries Integrated Query Management tools allow you to track issues and events such as queries with Suppliers arising during manual bill entry or electronic loading of bills via EDI, exceptions arising from high frequency data or equipment failure (e.g. boiler breakdown). It automates the process of tracking issues and events, making it quicker and more efficient to resolve. Exception Management ‘Management by Exception’ is essential and saves time and money when dealing with high frequency data. It enables you to set up performance targets to monitor your utility consumption using various analysis techniques, such as historic targets and base load analysis.
Analysis and Reporting TEAM Sigma Cloud has over 200 pre-defined reports and advanced analysis tools such as Regression and CUSUM.

Sigma Data Sources

Sigma can use a wide variety of data sources, from utility invoices (both electronic and manually entered) to manual meter reads and high frequency data, i.e. half hourly data from over 50 different sources including utility suppliers, data collectors, BEMS and data loggers.

Database features include:

  • Production and other variable data to use in analysis (e.g. degree days)TEAM Sigma Software Data Sources
  • Budgets and cost profiles for financial reporting
  • Suppliers and contract details to assist with procurement
  • Emission factors for fossil fuels and allowances for green electricity for reporting ‘Virtual meters’ (or Monitoring Points) for energy and cost apportionment
  • Security permissions allowing various levels of access
  • Audit function records each users activity on the database

The data is organised in an easy to manage tree view allowing you to replicate your organisational structure.

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Additional Options

TEAM Sigma Cloud offers the flexibility to add additional modules to suit your specific requirements.

These include:

Sigma Energy Viewer Web Dashboards Bulk Bill Checker Accounts Link
Sigma Energy Viewer TEAM Sigma Cloud Dashboards Bulk Bill Checker
Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting Premium Support Package
TEAM Support

What our customers say…

Kyleigh Johns, Plymouth City CouncilIf someone calls me and says they have an issue at this site I can click into the site, I can look at bills, I can look at meter numbers, MPAN’s… I also use it weekly to run reports. So for me I use it every day and it’s a really useful tool.
Kyleigh Johns, Plymouth City Council

Roger Clarkee, Wolverhampton City CouncilIt has speed up the process where as when I first started it would take us days to check through a pile of paper bills.
Roger Clarke, Wolverhampton City Council

Stephen Middleton, Teesside UniversityI import a massive amount of AMR data into the software, and I can run different types of reports which show all the different types of savings I can make.
Stephen Middleton, Teesside University

Matthew Tidmarsh, Lancashire County CouncilWe have an energy team of 8 people. Three of them use the Sigma Software to monitor our energy consumption. This is a very important function for us and TEAM plays an essential role.
Matthew Tidmarsh, Lancashire County Council

Geoff Brunt, Birmingham AirportSigma software enables us to measure the performance not only of plant and equipment but our own performance in driving down energy costs. And it really has produced fantastic results for the business.
Geoff Brunt, Birmingham Airport

TEAM Customer Case Studies

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Team Customer Review
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It's a really good piece of software, very easy to use and simple to explain to other people in the business.

Karen Butcher, Utilities Analyst
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