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TEAM’s tenant billing software provides organisations with the ability to monitor energy use and accurately divide utility costs between tenants, cost centres or departments. TEAM’s tenant billing software can be used in multiple occupancy buildings.

TEAM's Tenant Billing Software can be used in multiple occupancy buildings

TEAM’s tenant billing software is the number one choice for organisations who own or manage multiple or multi-let properties including residential housing, shopping centres, retail parks, ports, airports, service stations or industrial sites. Even if subletting is not the main focus of your business, the energy billing software is the perfect tenant management tool to pass on utility costs to other organisations or departments who occupy a part of your building.

If you want to know more about how TEAM’s tenant billing software and solutions can help you, visit http://www.teamtenantbilling.com/ or contact TEAM on 01908 690018.

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What are the key benefits of using tenant billing software for energy use?

To find out more about TEAM’s Tenant Billing Solutions visit http://www.teamtenantbilling.com/.

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How Does it Work?

Tenant Billing SoftwareTEAM’s Tenant Billing Software can manage the complete process of issuing electronic or paper bills and tracking payments made against those.

The Tenant Billing Software is fully integrated with the TEAM Sigma Monitoring and Targeting Software and can interface with any accounts system. Detailed information about tenants and properties can be stored in the database. Through the Sigma Software, the Tenant Billing module can interface directly with meters, sub-meters or the building’s BMS system. Alternatively, manual meter reads can be used to calculate tenant bills.

If you have not got any sub metering in place TEAM can provide a complete solution including the installation of half hourly metering. Contact us to find our more …

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Invoices can be customised using corporate colours and a logo and issued either in paper format or pdf for distribution via email. Invoice frequency is flexible to allow monthly, quarterly and even weekly or annual billing.

Utility costs can be apportioned to different accounts for example for the use of lighting, air conditioning or heating in shared areas like corridors and restaurants or where tenants are sharing a meter. In addition, multiple meters can be linked to one account, where tenants occupy more than one unit.

Various customisable tariffs or charges can be applied to bills i.e. day, night, evening or weekend tariffs, Climate Change Levy, DUOS or standing charges. The system also enables organisations to add non-standard contract charges to their bills, i.e. direct debit discounts, one-off connection charges, interest and charges for late payment.

Linking with an Accounts System

Information can be transferred from the Sigma Tenant Billing Software to any accounts system to enable debt and payment management including the collection of direct debits through an accounts system. Likewise, payment status information can be imported from an accounts system to allow tracking of payments in the Tenant Billing system and where necessary trigger the addition of late payment or interest charges to the next invoice.

Providing Consumption Information

To enable you to provide added value, the TEAM system allows you to make utility consumption information available to your tenants via TEAM’s Sigma Browser Interface. This means tenants have direct access to half hourly information enabling them to control their own energy efficiency and CO2 emissions.

Filtering and Reporting

A Tenant Bill Batch report provides a useful overview of a specific billing period for all tenants so you can view details of cost, consumption and expected revenue. A host of further reports relating to tenant billing can be generated through the Sigma reporting suite.

Powerful searching and filtering tools enable the quick identification of accounts, invoices or tenant details ensuring easy access to all information stored in the Tenant Billing Software.

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