Energy Management Dashboards

Share energy performance information with staff, building users or the wider public with TEAM’s energy dashboard.

TEAM’s energy and carbon dashboards are an interactive and engaging tool linked into your Sigma M&T software which shares energy performance information with staff, building users or the wider public.

TEAM Energy Web DashboardEver wondered how effective your ‘energy saving posters’ actually are? Now there is a new and effective way to engage your building occupants and visitors. Using an organisation’s intranet or the internet, TEAM’s energy dashboards display the latest energy consumption information and energy saving messages. These enable organisations to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by including dynamic graphs and tables on their corporate website or intranet ensuring the most up-to-date information is displayed. They provide an excellent way for Energy and Sustainability Managers to share their success stories of recent projects and plans for new initiatives, raising awareness amongst building users.

Want to see an Energy and Carbon Web Dashboard Demonstration?

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What are the Benefits of Web Dashboards?

TEAM’s web-based energy dashboards solution delivers a series of key benefits.

How Do Energy and Web Dashboards Work?

Energy dashboards retrieve real time data from your energy management database. Individual sections of the screen can be used to display daily or annual consumption information and energy cost in a graphical format. Users can be given the opportunity to explore your organisation’s consumption information, drill down into the data, compare different periods of time or buildings and even view a single meter’s energy demand. Additional features such as an RSS reader and image frames ensure that dashboards can be made more attractive to the viewer by providing further information such as news feeds or energy saving tips and media.

TEAM Customer Web Dashboards TEAM Customer Web Dashboards