Energy Wholesale Market Review

Energy Wholesale Market Review Week ending 5 March 2021.
Baseload Electricity
  • Day-ahead power rose 1.6% to £67.00/MWh, following tight supply margins during the week with correlated low wind output.
  • April 21 power slipped 2.2% to £51.60/MWh and May 21 power increased 2.9% to £50.25/MWh.
  • Q221 power moved 1.4% higher to £51.00/MWh.
  • The annual April 21 contract rose 2.4% to £55.75/MWh, 29.4% higher than the same time last year (£43.09/MWh).
Forward Curve Comparison

Baseload electricity Forward curve comparison 5 March 2021

Annual April Contract

Baseload electricity Annual April contract 5 March 2021

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