Environmental Policy

In providing billing, carbon and energy management solutions for public and private sector organisations the EDW Group, incorporating TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd.) and EDW Technology Ltd., commits to continually improving its environmental performance and supports a culture of environmental awareness

EDW Group are committed to provide:

Continuous Improvement and Review

We carry out environmental management reviews and auditing programmes designed to measure our progress. This is in relation to our policy statements, objectives or targets that we may have set. Our environmental management system will enable us to manage our environmental aspects on an on-going basis, thereby complementing our commitment to continual improvement.

Net Zero Emissions

We are committed to a reach Net Zero emissions by 2030 for the EDW Group. This will be achieved by employing best practice in energy and carbon management, developing and delivering against our Carbon Reduction Strategy as well as by reducing our energy consumption and improving our energy efficiency wherever possible.

Waste and Recycling

We strive to minimise our waste disposal through an economic use, re-use and recycling of materials and products wherever possible.

Employee Awareness

We provide appropriate training, instruction, and supervision to all our employees. This ensures they are able to perform their duties in a way that supports our environmental policy and objectives.

Protection of the Environment

We are committed to protecting the environment and to preventing the creation, emission or discharge of any type of pollutant.

Legal and Other Compliance Obligations

We commit to meet and, where possible, exceed all relevant legal requirements and any other compliance obligations to which we may subscribe, relating to our environmental aspects.


This policy will be made available to interested parties and communicated to all employees at TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd.) and EDW Technology Ltd.

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