Crown Commercial Services Utilities Management Software, Metering and Ancillary Services Framework

Sigma energy management software is now available to public sector organisations throughout the UK as part of the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Utilities Management Software, Metering and Ancillary Services Framework.

The new CCS framework agreement provides public sector organisations access to visualisation software to analyse and report on utilities consumption data. There is also opportunity to access additional functionality including: Bill Validation; Tenant Billing; Budget Forecasting; Carbon Reporting; and links to your accounts systems. This is currently the only framework agreement that covers half hourly electricity, non-half hourly electricity and gas data to reduce utility consumption.

Sigma energy management software enables organisations to optimise their energy management strategy with a structured, co-ordinated and integrated approach to managing energy.

  • Comprehensive data management to help manage and monitor energy estates and sustain carbon reduction
  • Multi-dimensional analysis to support proactive energy management and improve efficiency
  • Report collaboration and distribution to increase stakeholder engagement and management agility
  • Maximise cost recoveries with query management functions and KPI tracking
  • Produce advanced energy and emissions reports suitable for UK regulations

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Through the CCS Utilities Management Software, Metering and Ancillary Services Framework, you can access the Sigma energy management software quickly and economically with the assurance that the rigorous validation process has already been completed.

The framework can be used by organisations across the UK public sector including central government, wider public sector, health, emergency services and non-profit organisations.

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