Shared Business Services (SBS) Framework Agreement

The Shared Business Services (SBS) Framework – Bill Validation and Cost Recoveries is the market leader in business support services for NHS and Public-Sector organisations.

SBS Framework – Bill Validation, Recovery and Compliance Services is a joint venture between the Department of Health and Sopra Steria offering a wide range of innovative and reliable back office services to more than 40% of the NHS. They help organisations meet the challenge of improving quality and healthcare outcomes while delivering stringent cost saving targets.

TEAM’s Energy Bureau Services can be accessed by NHS Trusts and other public-sector bodies throughout the UK as part of the NHS SBS Framework Agreement for Bill Validation, Recovery and Compliance Services (Contract Reference Number: SBS/17/DT/ZMF/9257/11) without the need to go through a time-consuming tendering process. To confirm your interest, please complete the proforma and return as instructed.

The TEAM Energy Bureau service available through this framework offers NHS Trusts, Councils, Universities, Emergency Services and other public-sector organisations the opportunity to reduce the in-house administration of processing and checking utility bills. The Energy Bureau takes receipt of all bills for single and multiple sites, checking them on arrival. Any anomalies will be investigated and resolved, with utility bills being processed for payment. The TEAM Energy Bureau then reclaims any overcharges on behalf of the Trust, and endeavours to identify savings on upcoming, and if required historical utility bills.

In addition to financial reporting, the data collected can also support Energy Management and other Departments for compliance, consumption and emissions reporting. The analysis of this data can potentially highlight waste or identify areas where energy efficiency improvements can be made.

A list of organisations who are currently accessing the SBS framework can be found on the SBS website. Outside of this any public-sector organisation can utilise this agreement on an associate membership basis. The process of joining is as simple as emailing SBS and providing some information. Please contact us for details.

Visit the SBS website to find out more.

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