Brand new and efficient working space for TEAM’s Bureau and Consultancy

After a few months of working in a temporary office, Energy Bureau staff and the Energy Consultants have moved into their brand-new office space.

After EDW Technology acquired TEAM 12 months ago, some of the departments moved into EDW’s office in Knowlhill. This made way to reconfiguring and renovating the old TEAM office to provide a modern office space for the customer facing teams in the Energy Bureau and the Energy Consultancy.

The refurbishment has provided an opportunity for the management to facilitate a modern working space that enhances the Bureau’s new department structure. It also promotes much more pro-active transparency and communication across the two departments.

Along with creating a bright, airy and more pleasant environment, energy savings have also been made. New LED lighting has been installed throughout and all our old office-based servers have been replaced with a much smaller more efficient infrastructure. One of the most important things about the server upgrade is the implementation of upgrade security features. We now have increased our reliance against security threats and installed a permanent secure link with our Head Office.

All this means we can continue to deliver Energy Management services, efficient Bill Validation and Compliance reporting to our customers with enhanced security and a much smaller carbon footprint.

Posted by TEAM on 12 July 2018