EDW takes an architectural approach to improvement of TEAM’s Bill Validation Service processes

The iServer product has been applied to TEAM’s outsourced Bill Validation Service over the past two months to map the business processes that are followed for the provision of outsourced services to TEAM’s customers.

In 2015 EDW Technology applied the iServer software tool to their flagship product, Energy Retail Suite (ERS) to establish a single source of reference of the product’s capability and then for that model to be available for everybody within the business.

iServerEDW Technology acquired TEAM in July 2017. To facilitate the integration of the two businesses EDW undertook the detailed modelling of TEAM’s Business Processes. TEAM have been using iServer to document the current processes and painpoints and KPIs have been added to those processes.

Graham Paul, Service Delivery Director said:

Making TEAM’s products and services as efficient and accurate as possible is a key requirement to our customers so we’ve undertaken and end-to-end process redesign utilising the iServer toolset.

The benefits of using iServer are that the processes are clearly mapped and they are visible to all users in the portal. Rigorous governance is now in place and the documentation produced by iServer can show customers the processes that are followed for their Bill Validation Services.

Graham Paul went on to say:

I am confident that we can show our customers how in control we are of our processes, the ability to manage these processes, and ultimately demonstrate how we can deliver a better service.

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Posted by TEAM on 29 November 2017