TEAM’s Ellen Salazar becomes one of the first to achieve ESOS Lead Assessor status

ESOS Lead Assessor Status

Lead Assessor Ellen Salazar, Energy Services Team Leader at TEAM has undergone full training and passed the exam to become one of the country’s first fully qualified Lead Assessors. She is listed on the CIBSE Certification’s ESOS Lead Assessor register which has been approved by the Environment Agency. Ellen is also an experienced Chartered Engineer and Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP).

Ellen is overseeing a team of experienced energy consultants to provide full consultancy service to organisations that have to comply with the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS). Being a Lead Assessor, qualifies Ellen to advise organisations on which part of their portfolio is covered under the scheme, to determine the number of energy surveys required, to produce compliant survey reports and to prepare the submission document and the accompanying evidence pack.

TEAM’s CIBSE accredited service starts with an initial assessment leading to all full review of available energy data for buildings, transport, and manufacturing, including carrying out any building audits that are required. This service is totally flexible and can be tailored to the individual organisation’s requirements. TEAM is one of a small number of energy consultancies in the UK who currently hold this certification. With nearly a century’s worth of experienace between us, there is no-one better placed to help customers across all sectors reduce their energy costs and emissions.

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What is ESOS?

ESOS is mandatory for all large enterprises in the UK fulfilling specific criteria. The scheme requires recording and reporting of energy data for buildings, transport, and industrial processes over a 12-month period as well as energy surveys carried out on a representative sample of buildings, providing a list of cost-effective energy efficiency improvements. This is not just industry best practice, this is a legal requirement and failure to comply with ESOS legislation will mean a large financial penalty for your business.

Posted by TEAM on 14 November 2014