Growing number of organisations access TEAM Bureau through public sector framework

In total of 23 organisations have successfully accessed TEAM Energy Bill Validation and Cost Recovery Service through the Shared Business Services (SBS) Framework without the need to go through a time consuming tendering process.

The SBS framework offers a fast turn-around for setting up a TEAM Energy Bureau Service. It is available to all public sector organisations throughout the UK until the 24th September 2017 and you can enter right up to this date for a contract that goes beyond the end date for 5 to 7 years if required.

It offers organisations the opportunity to reduce in-house administration associated with processing and checking utility bills by outsourcing these tasks to the TEAM Energy Bureau. TEAM takes receipt of all bills for single and multiple sites, checking them on arrival. Any anomalies will be investigated and resolved, with utility bills being processed for payment. We reclaim any overcharges from the utility provider on behalf of your organisation, and where possible identify savings on future, and if required historical utility bills. For a large number of customers bill recoveries alone exceed the cost of our Bureau Services.

In addition, the data collected can support Energy Management and other Departments for compliance, consumption and emissions reporting. The analysis of this data can potentially highlight waste or identify areas where energy efficiency improvements can be made. It is also available for financial reporting including forecasting and accruals.

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Posted by TEAM on 9 February 2015
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