Do you know how to manage your utility supplier effectively?

The How to Manage your Utility Supplier training course is designed to help businesses manage their utilities and has been launched in the UK.

Businesses aiming to reduce their energy bills are being invited to attend the “How to Manage Your Utility Supplier” course on Wednesday 15th June in Milton Keynes.

The Manage your Utility Supplier event, organised by TEAM – the UK’s leading supplier of carbon management solutions – is the first of its kind in the UK, and is aimed at businesses who want to reduce their energy bills and manage their utility supplier.

Andrea Shoel, organiser, said:

“Many thousands of businesses across the UK still struggle to get to grips with the billing information they are sent because of overly complicated bills. Our course has been designed to provide businesses with the knowledge and confidence they need to manage their utility supplier.”

About the How to Manage Your Utility Supplier Course

Topics covered at the Manage your Utility Supplier event will include how to validate your bill, how to change a supplier effectively, common billing queries, preparing for changes to the UK water market, moving to electronic billing and much more.

Posted by TEAM on 11 January 2016