RHI applications processed in record time

GREEN Money Saving 000006648978We are pleased to announce that TEAM Independent Assessors for the Renewable Heat Incentive have had 2 recent RHI Applications processed and approved within a record time of 2 weeks.

Achieving such short approval times attests to TEAM’s sound knowledge of the RHI requirements and our ability to produce an expert Independent Report on Metering Arrangements (IRMA) and submit a high quality application that facilitates Ofgem’s review process. It also means that our customers benefit from payments quicker and are far are less likely to be affected by tariff changes – tariffs are reviewed on a quarterly basis – compared to applications which take considerably longer.

To date TEAM has submitted over 150 IRMAs and RHI Applications. We are currently working across the UK with various organisations including a major supermarket chain to obtain approval for the RHI by providing Independent Reports on Metering Arrangements and RHI Application submissions.

An RHI application was submitted to Ofgem for TEAM customer and twice microlight world champion, Richard Meredith-Hardy of FlyMicro, who has installed a biomass boiler supplying heat to 3 buildings – 2 houses and a workshop. Richard wrote to us:

“You’ll be pleased to know that the other day Ofgem rang me to congratulate me on making a model application for RHI accreditation, ‘we can find nothing wrong with it’ she said. I suspect no small part of that was the fine IRMA you provided, so thank you. All in all a big difference to one of my neighbours with a similar setup to mine who just received accreditation after 21 months from a different IRMA provider…”
– Richard Meredith-Hardy of FlyMicro

Find out more about our RHI Application Service and IRMA Service.

Posted by TEAM on 17 April 2014