TEAM launches Sigma Importing Agent for simple BEMS data transfer

Sigma Importing AgentNew Sigma Importing Agent for simple BEMS data transfer

The new Sigma Importing Agent is designed to simplify the transfer of data from a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) or any other system into a Sigma Database. Specifically developed for organisations using TEAM’s Hosted or Bureau Services this enables you to utilise your interval data for half hourly reporting, data analysis and tenant billing.

The Sigma Importing Agent is free, simple to install, has access your organisation’s database hosted by TEAM and manages the transfer and imports of data from different sources into Sigma. It has a scheduling function so that the data transfer from your BEMS system can be scheduled to take place at regular intervals, for example every hour, every minute or at specific times of the day. This means there is no need to remember to transfer the data.

In case your internet connection is lost during data transfer, data is stored locally until the connection to TEAM’s servers is re-established.

Key Benefits

Once imported into your Sigma Database, your BEMS data is available for Half Hourly Exception Reporting, Data Analysis and Tenant Billing. Access to this data can enable you to:

  • Understand your building energy use better
  • Identify where energy is wasted
  • Provide accurate data for energy management reporting
  • Plan and prioritise energy efficiency projects
  • Communicate with building users about their energy consumption

To find out more about TEAM Hosted Services and simple BEMS data transfer please request a call back or – for existing customers – please contact your Customer Account Manager directly.

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Posted by TEAM on 10 February 2015