TEAM recovers more than £165,000 in billing errors for Scottish Council

billing errors at Scottish Council

With the help of TEAM Bureau’s Outsourced Bill Validation Service, a large council based in Scotland has recovered just over £165,000 in billing errors since January 2017.

TEAM Bureau receive and validate 700 of the council’s electricity bills per month.

Molly Calvert, Query Administrator for TEAM Bureau, was first notified of an uncharacteristic increase in consumption which was identified through TEAM’s sophisticated automated bill validation in January, she explained:

There were a number of discrepancies such as overlapped meter readings and extra digits present in the usage readings. These errors meant that council had been paying a lot more than they should have been for their electricity consumption over a long period.

She disputed the bills containing errors and misrepresented usage figures directly with the council’s electricity supplier but then there were further billing errors identified in the following month’s bills. Molly went on to add:

Most of the overcharges have been recovered from the council’s supplier and refunded directly to the council but we’re continuing to investigate the later inconsistencies. It is important to be vigilant and just because you think you’ve resolved billing issues doesn’t mean that all the future bills with be error free!

How can TEAM’s Outsourced Bill Validation Service help?

TEAM’s Outsourced Bill Validation Service removes the administration time customers need to process and check utility bills. TEAM liaise directly with utility suppliers on behalf of our customers to certify the accuracy of invoices across multiple accounts and sites and ensures recoveries are credited directly.

The Energy Bureau service is tailored to meet your organisation’s individual requirements. To find out more about our Utility Bill Validation and Cost Recovery Service or to speak to one of our experts Contact Us or call 01908 690018.

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Posted by TEAM on 12 September 2017
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