More than 30% of police forces across the UK use TEAM

More than 30% of police forces throughout the UK use TEAM for some or all of their energy management.

Police-NEWPolice not only have a duty to deal with crime and anti-social behaviour but also to protect the environment in which we all live and work.

George Barr, Energy & Environmental Office for West Mercia Police, said: “We have a portfolio of more than 150 buildings and to validate all of the bills for those sites would be impossible for me to manage. We use TEAM because they take that element of responsibility away from us.”

TEAM Bureau allows you to allocate more of your time to important energy saving projects, while it takes care of the utility bill processing, recovering costs from any billing errors and updating the energy database. It can help considerably reduce administration costs and save on your total energy expenditure.

Mr Barr added: “We are looking towards modern technology to reduce our energy consumption and therefore bring our costs down.”

Scott Tomsett, Energy Bureau Manager at TEAM, said: “For the majority of our customers a Bureau service pays for itself through cost recoveries from billing errors alone. Our team of industry experts can provide a one-stop hassle free service for all your utility billing needs.”

Posted by TEAM on 15 May 2015