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Energy efficiency and net zero solutions for the built environment.

With the built environment responsible for an incredible 49% of UK total carbon emissions, and 50m tonnes of CO2e released into the atmosphere each year from new buildings alone, the building and construction sector has a huge challenge ahead to decarbonise its operations and become carbon positive.

There so are many factors to account for; land use, material selection, logistics, project deadlines, lifetime energy demand and embodied emissions. Decisions made at the point of design will affect the supply chain with operational carbon emissions, energy costs to tenants, and end-of-life disposal options.

Implementing a good energy management and sustainability strategy is key to achieving those carbon reduction goals across both new build projects, and your existing infrastructure. With our support businesses can reduce their carbon emissions and consumption costs and achieve their sustainability targets helping to improve their green credentials and stay compliant with legislative requirements.

Essential benefits for your organisation

  • Improve profit margins by cutting energy costs and reducing overheads
  • Comply with legislation and regulatory requirements
  • Demonstrate your commitment to energy conservation and sustainable operations
  • Reduce the maintenance costs of buildings, associated services, and equipment, prolonging the lifespan of assets
  • Contribute to reducing environmental pollution
  • Meet and exceed UK CO2 reduction targets
  • Help drive the scientific development of new building materials
  • Opens green finance potential
  • Improves internal conditions for building occupants
  • Helps support staff retention.

The building and construction sector is a crucial contributor to the Government’s net zero target. There is a growing expectation from clients, regulators, and investors to provide greater transparency and accountability for their GHG emissions.

We work in partnership with businesses throughout the UK to help them to achieve their energy management and sustainability goals.

We recognise the challenges of managing and analysing large volumes of data, as well as working towards emissions targets, legislative compliance, and critical cost reduction.

Our range of products and services help organisations fulfil their energy management strategies, drive down GHG emissions, and simplify compliance reporting and certification.

We also offer a suite of Tenant Billing solutions, including a fully outsourced service, billing software, and consultancy advice which can be specified in support of a build project, or as part of your own energy management.

Whatever your energy management objectives may be, you can be assured that we have the skills and expertise to help you achieve them.

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We recognise the challenges of managing and analysing large volumes of data, as well as working towards emissions targets, legislative compliance, and critical cost reduction.

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