Helping the education sector boost energy efficiency. 

Institutions in the education sector commonly have diverse energy estates and a broad range of buildings within their portfolio. Managing the energy in these buildings with complex uses and variable conditions can be challenging. 

For the education sector, delivering exceptional learning and reaching student targets is a number one priority. Schools, colleges and universities have a commitment to managing optimum learning facilities whilst being sustainable and mindful of stretched budgets and resources. 

Implementing a good energy management strategy can not only deliver essential savings and reduce consumption costs, but it is key to achieving these goals. With our support institutions can boost their environmental credentials, enhance energy efficiency, and elevate their position as a sustainable learning provider. 

Essential benefits for your organisation

  • Money saved can help ease limited budgets
  • Lowers maintenance costs for buildings, associated services and equipment, and prolongs reliability and lifespan of assets
  • Reduces environmental pollution helping to meet UK CO2 reduction targets
  • Helps promote the importance of energy efficiency in the community 
  • Sends a positive message to suppliers, students, and stakeholders 
  • Improves the internal conditions for students and staff 
  • Supports the acquisition of new students 
  • Real-life energy management can provide practical learning opportunities for students. 

With public demand for greener environmental practices and an ambitious UK carbon reduction target, the education sector has a responsibility to practice sustainably and to influence future generations to make real change. Through their energy strategy, these institutions can endorse the social responsibility of energy management, as well as embed energy efficient operations for their diverse and complex property portfolios. 

We partner with schools, colleges, academies, and universities across the UK, supporting them to reach their own energy and sustainability goals. Our range of products and services helps institutions fulfil their energy strategies, implement energy saving projects, achieve their emissions targets and alleviate their staff administration. 

Whatever your energy management objectives may be, you can be assured that we have the skills and expertise to help you achieve them. 

Schools and colleges can access our services through a number of pre-tendered frameworks. Find out how these framework agreements can help secure energy management support for your organisation. 

Recommended services for schools, colleges and universities

Schools and colleges can access our services through a number of pre-tendered frameworks. Find out how these framework agreements can help secure energy management support for your organisation.

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