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Supporting emergency services with efficient and sustainable energy management.

Supporting the emergency services with efficient and sustainable energy management

We understand that emergency service organisations are under sustained pressure to provide life-saving services and keep people safe against limited resources and budgets. Round-the-clock building usage, combined with unpredictable levels of occupancy and large vehicle fleets, lead to a high demand for energy. These service critical operations depend on a reliable power supply. That’s why having a solid understanding of energy is so important, as good energy management practice presents many opportunities to make services more efficient, sustainable and generate cost savings.

With such high consumption, it’s understandable that delivering emergency services can impact on the environment. Balancing growing demand for services with heightening environmental issues is complex and can put additional demands on resources. Implementing a progressive energy efficiency strategy can help organisations to manage and mitigate the impact.

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With large multi-site estates, cross service blue light premises, to small single use rural properties, and vehicle fleets serving large regional areas, energy usage is typically high for the emergency services. Monitoring and measuring vast amounts of data in order to streamline energy usage can be challenging.

We work in partnership with busy emergency services organisations in the UK to help them meet their energy and sustainability goals. We recognise the challenges of managing and understanding large volumes of data, as well as working towards critical cost reduction and emissions targets whilst sustaining a high level of services.

That’s why we work alongside organisations on their energy management journey. Our range of products and services are designed to help organisations fulfil their energy strategies, implement energy saving projects, achieve their emissions targets and alleviate their staff administration.

Our core products and services include:

Our suite of energy management solutions helps you to optimise your energy management and sustainability strategy with a structured, co-ordinated and integrated approach.
Sigma enables the efficient monitoring and targeting of your organisation’s energy. The solution acts as a single data repository for your entire energy estate simplifying the complexities of energy management, future proofing your energy management strategy.
Sigma Energy Viewer supports the delivery of your energy management strategy through simple, yet powerful dashboards that enable users monitor and share energy data across your entire estate.
Sigma Tenant Billing makes it easier for you to accurately and efficiently apportion utility costs between tenants, cost centres or departments delivering transparent accountable billing.
Energy Bureau
Our outsourced end-to-end energy management service, to accurately maintain your data and provide precise utility bill validation and cost recovery.
Bespoke energy consultancy services, from meeting compliance targets, public building certifications, energy behaviour change programmes, energy surveys, and advice around implementing renewable technologies.
Recommended services for emergency services
Sigma Energy Management SoftwareSigma Energy ViewerSigma Tenant Billing
Energy BureauEnergy ConsultancyEnergy Audits
Air Conditioning InspectionsCombined Heat and Power Quality AssuranceDisplay Energy Certificates
Greenhouse Gas ReportingRenewable Heat Incentive


Emergency services organisations can access our services through pre-tendered frameworks. Find out how these framework agreements can help secure energy management support for your organisation.

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