Government and Local Authorities

Supporting the pathway to decarbonisation. 

Relied on by the UK public, government departments and local authorities must deliver vital services efficiently, sustainably, and economically. Deploying energy efficiency projects helps these organisations to control costs, make savings, and direct funds back into the communities they serve. 

Following the launch of the Government’s net zero 2050 commitment, many government departments and local authorities have declared a climate emergency in a move to decarbonise their operations and scope 3 emissions. 

Councils and government departments operate diverse energy estates, which include many different building types with unique consumption needs. Buildings have varied uses and unpredictable levels of occupancy, which can make managing energy use across the entire portfolio challenging. 

Implementing a good energy and sustainability management strategy can not only deliver essential savings and reduce consumption costs, but it is also key to achieving carbon reduction goals. 

Experienced in working alongside local government bodies and councils, we can help you improve your environmental credentials and energy efficiency, so you can focus on delivering efficient and sustainable services. 

Essential benefits for your organisation 

  • Decarbonise services and reduce overall emissions 
  • Saving money on utility costs and usage can alleviate a stretched budget 
  • Opportunities for maximised cost recovery 
  • Improve energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs for buildings 
  • Comply with legislation and regulatory requirements 
  • Reduce environmental pollution 
  • Sustain UK carbon reduction targets 
  • Promotes the importance of energy efficiency in the community 
  • Improves the internal conditions for building occupants. 

Government departments and local authorities are embracing the challenge of a net zero future. They are taking action to reduce their own carbon emissions, setting policy agendas to shape the ambition for their local areas, working with partners and local communities to tackle the impact of climate change and accelerate sustainability and decarbonisation. Many of these organisations are already on a journey to meet the government’s targets in advance of the 2050 deadline. 

We work in partnership with government departments and local authorities in the UK to help them meet their energy and sustainability goals. We recognise the challenges of managing and understanding large volumes of data, as well as working towards critical cost reduction and emissions targets whilst sustaining a high level of services. 

Our range of products and services are designed to help organisations fulfil their energy strategies, implement energy saving projects, achieve their emissions targets and alleviate their staff administration. 

Whatever your energy management objectives may be, you can be assured that we have the skills and expertise to help you achieve them. 

Recommended services for governments and local authorities

We recognise the challenges of managing and understanding large volumes of data, as well as working towards critical cost reduction and emissions targets whilst sustaining a high level of services. 

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