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Efficient and transparent operations supporting excellent service.

Managed Service ProvidersManaged service providers often have or are managing diverse and broad energy portfolios.

Site churn, tenant billing, and erroneous energy data are just a few of the challenges these organisations are up against while maintaining exceptional service.

Delivering unique and transparent service across multiple functions to their customers is integral to their business success. In this competitive sector, managed service providers have a commitment to deliver whilst being sustainable and efficient with their own utilities consumption.

Implementing a good energy management strategy is key to achieving these goals. With our support providers can reduce their carbon emissions and consumption costs and achieve their sustainability targets helping to improve their green credentials and realise operational excellence.

Essential benefits for your organisation
How TEAM can help

With increasing demand on organisations to demonstrate their commitment to environmental practices and compliance, many managed service providers are leading the way in investing in sustainable and energy efficient operations for their diverse and complex property portfolios.

We work in partnership with managed service providers throughout the UK to help them to achieve their energy management and sustainability goals. We recognise the challenges of managing and understanding large volumes of data, as well as working towards critical cost reduction and emissions targets whilst sustaining a high level of service.

Our range of products and services help managed service providers fulfil their energy strategies, implement efficient billing solutions, achieve their emissions targets, and alleviate their staff administration.

Whatever your energy management objectives may be, you can be assured that we have the skills and expertise to help you achieve them.

Our core products and services include:

Bespoke energy consultancy services from helping you make the most of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), advanced environmental reporting suitable for UK regulations, through to saving you money on capacity charges by optimising your available supply. We also offer energy audits and surveys, and advice around implementing renewable technologies.
Tenant Billing
Our fully comprehensive suite of end-to-end tenant billing services can help you from the initial stages of developing your billing methodology, right through to customer management and debt collection. Our consultants will work with you to help you understand and achieve yours and proactively support your customer’s net zero targets through complete overview of consumption.
Outsourced Service. Our Tenant Billing Management Service is designed to support large scale organisations with their commercial and domestic tenant billings needs, relieving you of the time it takes to create and validate bills, collect payment, escalate debt, manage accounts and reporting.
Consultancy Services. Whether you choose to fully outsource your portfolio’s tenant billing or manage it in house, we offer a number of consultancy services to support your organisation’s unique needs.
Software. Sigma Tenant Billing makes it easier for you to apportion utility costs accurately and efficiently between tenants, cost centres or departments delivering transparent accountable billing.
Energy Bureau
Our outsourced end-to-end energy management service, to accurately maintain your data and provide precise utility bill validation and cost recovery. Our Bureau team will go the extra mile to identify and resolve those out of the ordinary issues that crop-up, such as clocking, over estimations and defending aged claims.
Our suite of energy management solutions can support your pathway to net zero carbon emissions, helping you to optimise your energy management and sustainability strategy with a structured, coordinated, and integrated approach.
Sigma enables the efficient monitoring and targeting of your organisation’s energy. The solution acts as a single data repository for your entire energy estate simplifying the complexities of energy management, keeping emissions data in line with your trajectory to net zero.
Sigma Energy Viewer enables your colleagues to support the overall energy management strategy through simple, yet powerful dashboards empowering users to monitor, analyse and share energy data from multiple sites across your entire estate.
Recommended services for managed service providers

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Energy Savings Opportunity SchemeStreamlined Energy and Carbon ReportingEnergy Audits
Air Conditioning InspectionsEnergy Performance Certificates
Combined Heat and Power Quality Assurance

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