Data Collection and Management

Data collection

Collecting vast amounts of energy data is one of the many challenges of energy management. Sigma software supports automated data collection and is sufficiently flexible to aggregate energy data, from multiple locations, systems, and formats, giving you a database that you can rely on.

Sigma software is compatible with a wide range of building service engineering technologies and can collect data from a range of sources, including:

  • Meter import
  • Data logger import
  • BEMS import
  • Degree day data
  • Benchmark data
  • Utility bill import (EDI, CSV, PDF & Manual)
  • Industry data (e.g. DUoS)
  • Manual data entry

Data management

Managing your energy data effectively is the key to efficient Monitoring and Targeting. Good quality data is crucial for your business’ understanding of energy usage and is the key to compliance, streamlined budgeting, and surpassing carbon reduction targets. It also provides complete portfolio transparency in the mission to drive down consumption.

To facilitate the most accurate monitoring, targeting and reporting of energy and consumption, quality data needs to be:

Accurate: Data correctly reflects what is being measured and its expected behaviour
Complete: All expected data is present and without gaps
Consistent: Data conforms to a required format that agree with each other
Timely: Data is available to support the fulfilment of energy management duties on time

Sigma aggregates vast sources of data into one single, secure database. Fully accessible, the solution saves you time and resource from managing multiple static systems.

With Sigma’s data monitoring framework, achieving high quality data is easy. Its functionality addresses issues like data gaps, overdue, and unexpected data, and provides efficient trend analysis and exception reporting. The advanced data monitoring tools help you to accelerate corrective and preventative action and make confident business decisions based on a foundation of robust information. Sigma energy management software gives you the assurance that you have reliable data to support your organisation’s mandatory certifications and legislative requirements; helping you to achieve accurate and successful compliance for credible business operations.


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"TEAM helps us as an organisation by providing an integral piece of software that we use for managing energy and water. It provides us with data on all of our energy and water use, but it also enables us to ensure that our utility spend is accurately validated, monitored and reported to senior budget holders."
Oxford City Council

Meter data exchange

Through the Meter Data Exchange, data can be collected directly from an onsite Building Management System. Connect directly with oBIX enabled devices such as Tridium Niagara BAS controls and other oBIX systems. Standard options include Data Loggers, Smart Meter, Building Automation Systems, ALC, OPC DA/HAD and Modbus TCP/IP. In excess of 200 data import integrations are available.

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