Data Reporting

Data reporting and sharing.

The fundamental difference between traditional energy reporting solutions and Sigma Energy Intelligence reporting is the ability to interact with the data – to perform multi-dimensional analysis that provides meaningful ‘Energy Intelligence’ that supports energy management decisions and strategy.

Using Sigma Energy Intelligence (EI), you can create high quality, interactive dashboards to visually display a range of information you wish to share with the business, stakeholders and the general public.

Supporting your energy strategy, you can summarise key consumption information to help analyse your energy performance, communicate energy project successes and demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to sustainability. Sigma EI dashboards can be designed to suit your business needs and showcase reports and charts, KPIs, tips, and hints for saving energy, at the level required for you. Simple to create, these dashboards can be published outside of the Sigma software, for example on a website or on digital signage, to make data translatable.

Benefits of Sigma EI’s dashboards:

  • Raises energy awareness and influences behaviour to reduce consumption
  • Interactive and engaging to generate and maintain interest in energy information
  • Fully customisable design to suit your organisation and always up to date to communicate current environmental messages
  • Demonstrates your commitment to sustainability by disclosing information to staff and members of the public
  • Uses data contained in your energy management database so you can compare the performance of sites at a glance
  • They can be published and shared using a variety of tools, promoting stakeholder engagement

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"Since implementation we’ve saved one hundred and fifty thousand pounds through billing queries where there have been errors or bills that have subsequently been corrected and we’ve received that money back from suppliers."
Oxford City Council

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