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Energy Bureau

Only pay for the energy your organisation has consumed at the rates agreed with your utility suppliers

Reduce your energy bills and your impact on the planet with our Bureau service

The turbulent nature of the energy market has led to extreme volatility and exponential increases in the cost of your energy.

It is vital that your organisation makes sure that your energy bills are based on accurate consumption, the agreed unit rates from the procurement stage and billing errors are identified and corrected.

You would imagine that every bill issued by a utility supplier was correct, but that is simply not the case. Our Bureau services recover millions of pounds on behalf of our customers every year. Our analysis shows that between 3% – 4% of utility bills have errors.

Ensuring that your bills are correct and challenging the discrepancies is vital to the financial protection of your organisation. Bill validation is an insurance policy, a safety net to ensure that what your utility supplier bills you and asks you to pay is what you should be paying.

Guarantee your energy data is accurate

Let TEAM release your energy management resources from the time consuming task of utility suppliers bill validation. Save money and be assured that your energy procurement costs, budgeting, forecasting and stakeholder reporting activities are based on validated bills and consumption data.

Get the most out of your energy bills


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By working with us we will ensure that you are only paying for the consumption your organisation has actually consumed at the rates agreed with your utility suppliers, helping to unlock important energy saving opportunities.

Our experts will provide accurate, timely, and consistent data quality, bill validation, and portfolio management, saving you vital resource time and helping you to achieve complete energy and carbon management.

Our Bureau and Bill Validation service can enable you to achieve operational efficiencies, cost savings, and drive your carbon reduction targets.

Infographic showing how the TEAM Energy Bureau and Bill Validation service can enable you to achieve operational efficiencies, cost savings, and drive your carbon reduction targets

True tech-enabled service

By employing robust technology-led processes, we are eliminating the risk of human error when managing and processing your utility bills. Through the use of robotic utility bill retrieval from suppliers, and software that reads manual PDF bills and facilitates automatic entry into our Sigma solution, our team will work efficiently and effectively to ensure your energy bills are downloaded, checked and paid.

These technologies mean we recover on average nine times more than the cost of the service.

With our Bureau and Professional Services using our Sigma software to manage your energy data, identifying and resolving billing errors, we will ensure you are being billed accurately.

Working as an extension of your team, we proactively identify, investigate and resolve anomalies in your estate and billing data.

Infographic showing the process of TEAM Bureau Sustainability and Energy Management Outsourcing

So, how can our Energy Management Bureau service help you? 

Easily track your ESG progress against your carbon targets

Guaranteed precise energy data, with a completely auditable database

Assurance that all utility liabilities are accounted for

Accurately predict and plan financial energy performance

We are the only supplier that can validate TNUoS and DUoS charges

How TEAM can help

As your dedicated energy estate partner, we can guarantee that your energy data can be utilised to support your business in achieving successful energy management.

Our Bureau and Bill Validation service includes:

  • Electricity, Gas, Water utility supplies
  • Complete Bill Element Validation (including DUoS and TNUoS passthrough)
  • Automated Bulk Bill Import EDI, CSV, Manual Bill Entry
  • Management Information (MI) and Dashboards

Using our automated technology-based solutions, we can guarantee efficiency and accuracy whatever the size of your energy portfolio. 

Benefits of outsourcing to an energy management Bureau

Maintaining businesses’ energy data is at the heart of what we do

Our Bureau service can collect vast amounts of energy data from multiple locations, systems, and formats, giving you a single, secure database where the data can be relied on to be accurate and consistent.

With guaranteed precise energy data, your database is completely auditable. Enabling you to meet compliance requirements and make reporting on your Greenhouse Gas Emissions effortless. This will drive down energy consumption, and achieve successful cost recovery, helping you to make the most of your energy budget.

First class deployment and support

Supported by a dedicated Account Manager and Service Delivery Manager, along with our expert Bureau team, we can help you to achieve your energy management targets.

By working as an extension of your team, we will ensure all individual bills are validated and captured according to the contract with your supplier, therefore allowing for optimised cost assurance and recovery opportunities. By gaining additional support from our Professional Services, we can enable you to successfully achieve your energy and carbon management objectives.

Energy Bureau FAQs

Our Energy Bureau offers comprehensive energy management services aimed at efficiently managing and optimising energy usage and costs for organisations. These energy management outsourcing services include data management, bill validation, energy monitoring and targeting, compliance reporting, and expert energy-efficiency consulting.

Our energy management outsourcing service aids organisations by conducting comprehensive energy consumption audits, pinpointing inefficiencies, and proposing sustainable solutions. The goal is to lower energy expenses making sure billing errors are identified and corrected while aligning business objectives with broader environmental targets.

Improved focus on core energy management & Net Zero activities:

  • Energy management outsourcing allows your sustainability and energy management team to concentrate on their strengths and core competencies.
  • By delegating these non-core tasks to Team, your energy management team can focus on strategic carbon reduction activities and future Net Zero planning.

Increased efficiency:

  • Choosing Team Energy, a specialised energy management outsourcing company, will lead to a more productive and efficient service.
  • We will deliver higher-quality results, freeing up your energy management resources for other critical energy management functions.

Access to domain expertise and facilities:

  • Our energy management outsourcing service provides you access to specialist resource expertise (data entry, data capture, data processing, analytics, bill error recovery, estate configuration and monitoring & targeting) and facilities that are inaccessible or unaffordable otherwise.
  • Leverage our expertise to enhance your energy management business processes and benefit from our rich domain experience.

Risk Mitigation:

  • Mitigate keyman dependencies, holiday, sickness cover and staff churn.
  • Reliability – our team of professionals are always there.

Our energy management outsourcing service provides a comprehensive Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) solution. It empowers organisations to analyse and explore data while efficiently managing M&T activities on a large scale.

Incorporating our accrual management into your Bureau service ensures comprehensive tracking of all your utility liabilities, even if you have not received the relevant supplier bills yet. These accruals cover both cost and consumption and can seamlessly integrate with your downstream finance system. Our team will diligently identify gaps in utility billing, specifically focusing on invoices expected but not yet billed by the relevant supplier(s).

Additional Bureau Services

We appreciate that energy management is not one size fits all.

Explore our extensive range of additional Carbon and Power Management Outsource Services.

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