Sustainability and Energy Management Software – Sigma

Sustainability and Energy Management Software - Sigma

Sustainability and Energy Management Software - Sigma

Rethink how you manage and interact with your carbon and energy data, think Sigma

Simplifying the complexity of carbon and energy management

Sigma Sustainability and Energy Management software enables you to harness enterprise-wide data insights to achieve operational efficiencies and drive your sustainability commitments.

Delivering a pathway to digital success, accelerate your business transformation and maintain effective more efficient energy and carbon management with transparent, clear and actionable data.

Acting as a single data repository for your entire energy estate, Sigma simplifies the complexities of energy and carbon management. The innovative solution helps you to efficiently establish and drive your digital energy management strategy, cut your carbon emissions, implement new processes and policies, streamline resource and reduce overheads, all within one system.

A dynamic, change driven system, Sigma provides the foundations for a more sustainable, data powered future – inspiring new ways to deliver net zero within the UK.

Rethink how you interact with your energy data, think Sigma.

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Energy Carbon Management

When your energy bills represent such a large part of your organisation’s carbon footprint, you need to be confident in the quality of your data.

Sigma’s energy carbon management tools help you measure and track your Scope 1 and 2 emissions for complete data assurance. With comprehensive carbon reporting supported by transparent and dynamic data streams, track your environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) progress against your carbon neutral and net zero goals, and unlock new energy saving opportunities to reduce your business carbon emissions.

Sigma’s carbon reporting functionality enables you to drive your carbon reduction targets through actionable insights, supporting new green initiatives, secure funding and facilitate stakeholder engagement in behavioral change programmes.

Enterprise-wide Data intelligence

Carbon Reporting

Easily track your ESG progress against your carbon targets

Data Management

Guaranteed precise energy data, with a completely auditable database


Assurance that all utility liabilities are accounted for

Forecasting and Budgeting

Accurately predict and plan financial energy performance

Network Charge Bill Validation

We are the only supplier that can validate TNUoS and DUoS charges

Project Tracking in Sigma is made easy

Identify opportunities and realise project savings with Sigma’s advanced project tracking functionality. Manage projects efficiently, forecast costs and savings, and measure the success of your energy policies through a simple, easy to use interface.

Combined project information and existing consumption data help you identify and prioritise opportunities to save energy. Gather insights to make confident, robust investment decisions, and quantify returns for projects at scale.

Network charge bill validation

Sigma is the only UK energy management software that can accurately and efficiently provide network charge bill validation. The solution simplifies the validation process for Distribution (DUoS) and Transmission (TNUoS) pass through charges, providing complete revenue assurance for what can now account for up to 25% of your total electricity bill.

Energy Management FAQs

Energy management is the practice of identifying, monitoring, and optimising energy performance on a regular basis within a site or property estate. The objectives are to manage usage, conserve consumption, and reduce carbon emissions.

It’s important because energy is a major operating cost and contributor to scope 2 carbon emissions. Effective energy management leads to reduced energy costs, minimise risk of increasing future costs, is a key component of carbon reduction strategies and compliance with legal requirements.

Energy management software focuses on tracking and optimising energy use and identifying savings opportunities. In contrast, a BMS/BAS controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment, such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, and fire systems.

Energy management software is key tool used to support ISO 50001 certification, a global standard for energy management systems. It set out an energy management framework for organisations to develop a systematic approach to improving energy performance over time.

Why TEAM Sigma Sustainability and Energy software?

Implementation and support

Our best in class approach to implementation delivers a dedicated onboarding, support, training and system customisation service from our experienced Customer Success team.

Professional services

Tailored professional services from our independent consultants who will work in partnership with you on everything from customised report and dashboard configuration, to net zero and scalable carbon insights.

Industry expertise

With over 35 years of industry experience our expert team provide bespoke solutions that enable you to achieve efficient energy and carbon management, and sustainable business-wide transformation.

Flexibility to suit your organisation’s needs

Sigma also has the flexibility to be scaled-up or down; from small domestic to large multi-site operations, meeting your business needs every step of the way.

Save more than money

In 2023 we achieved Carbon Neutrality and are working to become Net Zero by 2030. So you, as a Sigma customer, can be assured that your investment is working as hard for the planet as it is to save you money.

What our customers say

"Since implementation we’ve saved one hundred and fifty thousand pounds through billing queries where there have been errors or bills that have subsequently been corrected and we’ve received that money back from suppliers."​
Oxford City Council​

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