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Sigma Data Analytics and Reports

Translating large quantities of energy data into informative and timely reports is fundamental for realising carbon and energy management progress.

Interactive energy data analysis, reporting and sharing

Sigma can process high quantities of data, swiftly, meaning you can access meaningful information when you need it. The system’s data analysis modules offer a vast range of analytics techniques that support your carbon and energy management strategies.

Sigma Data Analysis Module

Interactive analyses that can be tailored to your business needs enable you to drill down, display C02 conversions, costs and more.

  • Data can presented in a range of graphs, tables and reports that can be shared within the system, on dashboards or via email.
  • Choose reports from a generous library, use Sigma’s dynamic reporting tool to build your own reports or have a custom report created by our professional services team.
  • Configure reports with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.
A screenshot of how to choose a report on Sigma

Data Analysis Techniques

Sigma’s Analysis module provides multiple techniques that are presented in user-friendly categories. 

Energy Analysis

Compare one or more meters, date ranges, apply overlays and analyse cost and compare usage against a target or budget. You can also convert your consumption to carbon.


Baseload Analysis

Monitor energy consumption for active or inactive periods helping you to identify anomalies easily and mitigate wastage.

KPI Ranking

Compare sites or meters based on a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and identify areas or buildings that require energy efficiency adjustments.

Energy Temperature Analysis

Analyse your energy usage against outside temperature.

Single Meter Analysis

Techniques such as Day Comparison, Surface Mapping and 3D contouring, to help view data from single meters to quickly identify anomalies.


Electricity Analysis

Analyse factors such as maximum demand, utility tariffs, load factor and daily profile comparison specific to electricity meters.

Performance Analysis

Calculate performance efficiency by comparing consumption data against production, degree day, and other driving factors using techniques such as Regression Analysis, CUSUM and Deviation.

Batch Processing Analysis

Track energy consumption data for the production of batches over a selected time period to help monitor production line efficiency.

Data Export

Extract data from the system in a common file format to help you conduct further analysis or distribute the file by email.

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