Sigma Enterprise – wide Data

Sigma Enterprise-wide Data

Access advanced data insights through multiple data streams and share insights how you want and when you want with Sigma’s data integration tools.

Business Intelligence (BI) Integration Options

Integrate your BI tools to access advanced data insights.

Import data from external systems through scheduled (bulk) exports which are fully configurable or connected through the REST API. 

This allows data to be imported from your wider corporate systems to maintain your Sigma database and enhance reporting and analysis, supporting stakeholder engagement. 

API Connectivity

Using your in-house analytical tools such as Microsoft Power BI, you can access data from the Sigma system enabling you to create your own customised reporting.

An infographic showing how Sigma lets you access advanced data insights through multiple data streams and share insights how you want and when you want with Sigma’s data integration tools.

Designed to be fully interoperable, Sigma’s suite of APIs provide access to the system’s data, supporting unlimited data integration options and the ability to embed the system within a wider corporate landscape. The APIs can support Create, Read, Update and Delete actions on the data according to the permissions which have been applied.

A sync API allows external systems to be synchronised with Sigma, ensuring any changes to the data within Sigma, for example, new consumption, can be picked up and dealt with by the external system.


Excel Integration

Access detailed data insights via the Sigma Excel Plugin which integrates directly with the Sigma solution. Through the plugin, data can quickly and seamlessly be exported and updated back into the system providing efficient access and interaction with your energy insights in Excel.

Sigma Express

Sigma Express supports the delivery of your energy management strategy through simple, yet powerful data dashboards that enable you to monitor, engage and share energy information across your entire estate. Pre-configured dashboards can be accessed to provide top level and quick insight into the performance of your energy estate.

The easy-to-use tool empowers users to manage and analyse their own site consumption, facilitating the adoption of energy efficiencies in order to make operational and cost savings, and achieve green credentials. The Express interface can be customised and branded to your organisation’s corporate image and includes the ability to tailor access permissions for individual users.

At the click of a button view utility and tenant bills, input and view low frequency meter reads, create reports and manage alarms and notifications. Easily access energy insights and analyse consumption, cost and emissions, and share via intuitive dashboards.

Mobile App

Send meter reads straight to Sigma with the Sigma Android and iOS meter reading app which enables you to easily capture meter reads, even when offline. The app will simply synchronise with Sigma when internet connectivity is restored.

The app makes data collection even easier with the ability to add configured walking routes to your mobile, as well as the ability to identify meters using QR codes with the app’s scanner. The Sigma Mobile App will also validate your meter reads by checking the tolerance from the previous read before submission and show a previous history of your meter reads.

An infographic showing the Sigma Android and iOS meter reading app which enables you to easily capture meter reads on the move.

Why TEAM Sigma Sustainability and Energy software?

Implementation and support

Our best in class approach to implementation delivers a dedicated onboarding, support, training and system customisation service from our experienced Customer Success team.

Professional services

Tailored professional services from our independent consultants who will work in partnership with you on everything from customised report and dashboard configuration, to net zero and scalable carbon insights.

Industry expertise

With over 35 years of industry experience our expert team provide bespoke solutions that enable you to achieve efficient energy and carbon management, and sustainable business-wide transformation.

Flexibility to suit your organisation’s needs

Sigma also has the flexibility to be scaled-up or down; from small domestic to large multi-site operations, meeting your business needs every step of the way.

Save more than money

In 2023 we achieved Carbon Neutrality and are working to become Net Zero by 2030. So you, as a Sigma customer, can be assured that your investment is working as hard for the planet as it is to save you money.

An infographic showing how TEAM Sigma Sustainability and Energy software can help customers.

What our customers say

"Since implementation we’ve saved one hundred and fifty thousand pounds through billing queries where there have been errors or bills that have subsequently been corrected and we’ve received that money back from suppliers."​
Oxford City Council​

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