Monitoring and Targeting

Monitoring and Targeting (M&T)

Accurately measure your energy consumption and target any areas of excess easily

Advanced monitoring and targeting

Sigma’s M&T solution provides the tools to analyse and explore data and manage M&T activities at scale. This supports your organisation’s energy strategy enabling access to timely, relevant information on energy use, indicators for action needed and energy reports to support accountability.

Sigma’s functionality transforms your data into meaningful visualisations and narratives that enhance your M&T strategy. The tools are quick and easy to use and deliver a variety of outputs that boost stakeholder engagement, measure expected performance and act as an early warning system that can spot abnormal consumption trends. With Sigma, your M&T strategy can be easily achieved.

The solution will enable you to:

  • Identify and explain excessive energy use
  • Monitor and target Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions
  • Detect instances when consumption is unexpectedly higher or lower than average
  • Visualise energy consumption trends based on multiple criteria, including daily, weekly, seasonal, and operational
  • Determine future energy use and costs when planning changes in the business
  • Diagnose specific areas of wasted energy
  • Observe how changes to relevant driving factors impact energy efficiency
  • Develop performance targets for energy management programmes
  • Manage energy consumption, rather than accept it as a fixed cost
An infographic showing the stages of the SIGMA Energy Management Cycle.

Forecasting and Budgeting

Many factors can influence your energy budgets, including market energy prices. Sigma’s suite of budgeting tools allow forecasts and budgets to be readily created for consumption, cost and emissions to facilitate their ongoing tracking down to a daily granularity for each meter. Further analysis will enable you to quantify savings, help control usage and highlight areas for improvement.

Budgeting and forecasting are made simple with Sigma. Review your annual costs, identify peaks and analyse historic costs. Easily configurable, you can set budgets using data from previous years, manual data entry and predicted data using previously calculated regression models.

Compare meter and billing accounts data to your budget through detailed analysis reports and real-time, mobile and visual dashboards to provide complete oversight.

Near Realtime Energy Analysis

Sigma’s extensive analytics framework supports a highly interactive user experience to interrogate interval energy data in near real-time. Outputs can be configured so you can view your data exactly how you want, including different chart types, data intervals, overlays and against targets or budgets. The analysis reports can be saved as templates for easy access and future reporting, with data aggregated Daily, Weekly and Monthly to ensure it supports fast access when analysis is performed on the data.

Configurable Alarms

Through Sigma’s alarm features, you can take quick action address anomalies in your energy estate. Providing real time data monitoring, Sigma’s configurable alarms check for any exceptions within your data. Accuracy for analysis and reporting is assured when the list of alarms are acknowledged and the issues acted upon.

Through tailored monitoring check for specific scenarios, including the types of checks performed, the granularity at which the checks are performed and the thresholds outside which the exceptions should be raised.

These alarms enable you to be alerted at intervals that suit you from any location. By setting up email notifications to a defined distribution list and configuring alerts for different distribution lists and time periods, for example, shift patterns or weekdays and weekends, the alarms module can be useful for monitoring a range of scenarios that organisations may want to monitor.

Renewals Generation

Sigma has the ability to record, report and track on-site renewable generation assets, including solar and wind generation. Automatically load geographical weather and solar irradiance data to perform detailed analysis on the performance of assets.

Weather Meters

Sigma can automatically access up-to-date geographically based weather station information in Sigma’s Weather Meters tool, accessing information for Degree Days, Solar Radiation, Sun Hours and more.

Benchmarking with Sigma

Benchmarking is used to compare energy use between similar buildings that cannot be compared like-for-like, it will identify the energy performance of buildings in the estate. 

The benchmarked configurations, data and standards applied make allowances for key factors that affect the energy performance of individual buildings. Each building can be configured against the benchmark depending on site type, size and other characteristics.

Project Tracking

Identify opportunities and realise project savings with Sigma’s advanced project tracking functionality. Manage projects efficiently, forecast costs, CO₂ emissions, reductions and savings, and measure the success of your energy policies through a simple, easy to use interface.

Gather insights to make confident, robust investment decisions, and quantify returns for projects at scale. Sigma’s project tracking functionalities are fully auditable and comply with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) standards. Track your journey to Net Zero. 

Virtual Calculated Meters

A virtual, or calculated meter, offers a full range of logical possibilities from a programable formula. This formula can have effective periods of configuration so that the way the data is computed can vary for discrete periods of time as part of the same calculated meter item.

Virtual meters produce saved data from a series of input meters that supply the formula with data. The calculation is triggered when data values are imported through Data Exchange to ensure it is always available to report and analyse on like physical meters.

Sigma uses virtual meters to derive calculated streams of data which do not exist as physical assets on your estate. This feature helps you to derive specific data streams which may not be directly entered such as shared area spaces, tenanted areas and project specific data.

These data streams can be customised using basic arithmetic formulas, preset formulas and some SQL commands to increase the complexity and scope of the output values. A virtual meter’s results can be used as input values to another virtual meter’s formula (up to four levels can be supported).

Embracing Carbon and Energy Monitoring and Targeting software is a Smart Move

Implementing robust energy management practices leads to sustained benefits over time.

A monitoring and targeting system empowers organisations to make informed decisions, optimise energy usage, and contribute to a greener future. Embracing energy monitoring and targeting software is a smart move every kilowatt-hour saved not only benefits your bottom line but also contributes to a more sustainable planet.

An infographic showing how the Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) process works.

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