Utility Bill Management and Cost Recovery

Utility Billing and Cost Recovery

We have been designing and building energy pricing, billing and utility bill validation solutions for more than 30 years. During which time we have obtained the knowledge, skills and technical capability to deliver industry leading bill validation and error detection software.

Our specialist solution carries out more than 100 validator checks on your utility invoice data, finding data anomalies so you don’t have to. The specialist functionality will alleviate resource pressure, saving you both time and money, as well as providing optimised cost assurance and recovery opportunities.

Uploading utility invoices in bulk is made easier with Sigma’s EDI tools. Automated bill validation removes manual intervention and ensures that only valid bills are paid.

Sigma’s cost recovery query management functions eliminate the labour-intensive process of managing supplier invoice queries, allowing you to use valuable resource time elsewhere.

The benefits of Sigma’s bill management functionality:

  • Rapid processing of large quantities of any EDI utility bills to save admin time on loading invoices manually
  • Process EDI bills for multiple sites, aggregating vast amounts of data in one place
  • Ensures only valid bills are paid giving you revenue assurance and highlighting potential cost recoveries
  • Detailed billing information can be captured to provide superior reporting
  • Frees up resources required for bill processing, meaning resources can be used elsewhere in the business
  • Bespoke validation criteria allow you to tailor billing checks in line with your energy management strategy
  • Real cost savings made through bill checking and validation
  • Increased level of visibility, accessibility, and depth of data; providing better insights for business planning
  • Improves accuracy by eliminating manual data entry errors, providing better quality data
  • Promotion of a paperless environment, supporting your overall sustainability

Network charge bill validation

Sigma simplifies the validation process for Distribution (DUoS) and Transmission (TNUoS) pass through charges with its Network Charge Bill Validation tool, providing complete revenue assurance for what can now account for up to 25% of your total electricity bill.


Sigma’s accrual capability provides assurance that all your utility liabilities are accounted for, even if the relevant supplier bills have not been received. Accruals will be in the context of both cost and consumption and can be interfaced with your downstream finance system for seamless integration.

Sigma will identify gaps in contiguous utility billing, specifically, utility invoices that are expected to be received but have not yet been billed by the relevant supplier(s).

Bill query management

Sigma’s Query Management features provide a robust and traceable way to manage any exceptions that are found during the validation of utility bills.

Billing issues identified during the bill processing stage can be fed into the Query Management module, creating workable ‘cases’ with key information such as the category, value, likelihood of success and owner. These cases can be tracked and used to inform suppliers of anomalies.

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