Give yourself the competitive advantage with electronic billing

Paul Martin

In a bid to increase their chances of winning and retaining customers many suppliers are looking to provide industry standard EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) billing, which is where TEAM can help. TEAM’s Managing Director Paul Martin explains why electronic utility billing or EDI can be a major customer retention tool. “The ability of a supplier

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TEAM encourages water suppliers to provide EDI billing to the UK industry standard

Water eBilling

TEAM looks at Government plans for the water industry in England and explains why electronic billing to the UK Utility Billing Standard is the way forward. In just over a years’ time the Government will introduce new regulations to the water market in England. Under the proposals, which have been published for pre-legislative scrutiny, all

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Give yourself the competitive advantage with Tradacoms Standard electronic utility billing

Paul Martin

The water market in England is changing, it will mean for the first time that all businesses, as well as public sector organisations, will be in a position to choose their supplier of water. The changes, which are set to be introduced in April 2017, will kick off a nationwide competitive market. In a bid

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