Utilities Professional joins our Energy Bureau

Rebecca Ireland, Recovery and Data Team Manager

A newly appointed utilities expert to lead the team of recovery and data specialists for our outsourced bill validation and cost recovery service. Experienced team manager, Rebecca Ireland, has joined our Energy Bureau service to lead the Recovery and Data Team and contribute to the continued growth in performance, efficiency, and quality of the Bureau

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New Relationship Manager to join TEAM

Chris Davies TEAM Service Delivery Manager

A newly appointed Service Delivery Manager for our outsourced energy management customers. Chris Davies has been employed by us to manage a number of customer relationships in line with our customer service strategy, supporting the ongoing growth of our energy Bureau. Chris has an energy industry background and 15 years’ experience in customer service. He

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Commercial relations leader joins our Bureau service

Anthony Smith has been the most recent addition to our outsourced data management, bill validation, and portfolio management service. This appointment will contribute to the continued transformation of our energy Bureau which sets out to deliver customer service excellence. Anthony has been employed to manage a number of customer relationships in line with our customer

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New Data Leader joins our Bureau Service

Alpa Patel

Alpa Patel has recently joined the Energy Bureau team in the latest revision to the ongoing growth of the service. She has been hired to head up the Data Management team that is responsible for the quality of customer data processing and payment files. With 19 years of industry experience, Alpa has managed teams at

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How we can help organisations paint the best year-end picture?

How have our internal changes affected our outsourced Bureau service?

For many organisations, the year-end is April and for many organisations, budgets are set based on what the spend was for the previous year. This is the case for council and NHS trusts. Due to pressures of budget cuts, it’s especially important for them to present the most accurate figures on their energy spend. It

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New Operations Manager to lead TEAM’s Bureau Service

Robert Webb, Operations Manager

Rob Webb recently joined TEAM to head up our newly restructured Energy Bureau service. He has been hired to deliver our primary focuses for the Bureau service which includes reinforcing data quality, boosting operational efficiency, and driving up cost recovery rates. Rob has spent the past few weeks working with the Bureau team and establishing

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TEAM Energy Management Conference 2018

Energy Management Conference 2018 Menu

The Changing Energy Landscape. With revitalised content for this year’s TEAM Energy Management Conference, our talented line up of expert speakers will share insights and give information on the challenging and changing energy landscape and shine a light on how the potential for evolving technologies can drive value for the public and private sectors. Our

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Brand new and efficient working space for TEAM’s Bureau and Consultancy

TEAM Energy at refurbed offices

After a few months of working in a temporary office, Energy Bureau staff and the Energy Consultants have moved into their brand-new office space. After EDW Technology acquired TEAM 12 months ago, some of the departments moved into EDW’s office in Knowlhill. This made way to reconfiguring and renovating the old TEAM office to provide

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Dorset HealthCare move to TEAM Bureau

Small NHS logo

Dorset HealthCare has chosen TEAM Bureau for outsourced Utility Bill Validation. Building on the successful history of using TEAM Sigma software since 2008, Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust has selected the TEAM Energy Bureau for outsourced utility bill validation and cost recovery services. Leading supplier of carbon and energy management solutions TEAM, will be

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More than 30% of police forces across the UK use TEAM


More than 30% of police forces throughout the UK use TEAM for some or all of their energy management. Police not only have a duty to deal with crime and anti-social behaviour but also to protect the environment in which we all live and work. George Barr, Energy & Environmental Office for West Mercia Police,

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Growing number of organisations access TEAM Bureau through public sector framework

NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) Framework

In total of 23 organisations have successfully accessed TEAM Energy Bill Validation and Cost Recovery Service through the Shared Business Services (SBS) Framework without the need to go through a time consuming tendering process. The SBS framework offers a fast turn-around for setting up a TEAM Energy Bureau Service. It is available to all public

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Signs you need an Energy Bureau Service

An Energy Bureau is something that can bring multiple benefits to an organisation – having the bills handled by an outsourced office, taking away the responsibility of querying invoices, having energy & finance reporting completed on your behalf. Often clients find that once the system is in place and fully integrated to their own ways

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TEAM joins NHS SBS Framework for Bill Validation & Cost Recovery

NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) Framework Agreement

TEAM’s market leading outsourced energy bill validation and cost recovery service…. Now available to NHS Trusts and other Public Sector Bodies throughout the UK as part of the NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) Framework Agreement. This outsourced service offers NHS Trusts and other public sector bodies the opportunity to reduce their in-house administration of processing

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The importance of database accuracy

TEAM Energy Bureau

Why do you want an Energy Bureau? When asking our customers “Why do you want an Energy Bureau?” we would always anticipate the answer to be the identification of savings, and monetary returns from suppliers. However, in recent years the trends have changed – instead of the highest priority solely being on cash returns, we

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