Energy management series: Where am I starting from?

We’ve broadened our consultancy expertise with latest appointments

The starting point for energy management is data and the most successful and efficient energy management strategy is to ensure that it is built on a foundation of good quality data. Good quality data is crucial for your business. It is the key to compliance, streamlined budgeting, and surpassing carbon reduction targets. It also provides

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TEAM welcomes BT as a New Customer


We are delighted to welcome BT as a new software customer. BT has introduced TEAM Sigma Cloud (Hosted Services) across its UK estate to help validate bills and manage cost recoveries. The company processes in excess of a million invoices every year and is one of the biggest energy consumers in the UK. TEAM Sigma

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The importance of database accuracy

TEAM Energy Bureau

Why do you want an Energy Bureau? When asking our customers “Why do you want an Energy Bureau?” we would always anticipate the answer to be the identification of savings, and monetary returns from suppliers. However, in recent years the trends have changed – instead of the highest priority solely being on cash returns, we

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