Another Government energy strategy that fails to consider efficiency

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, here we are again with a new energy strategy from the Government that does not factor in the role of tackling waste and investing in energy efficiency as part of solving the growing energy crisis. The Government’s latest plan, the British Energy Security Strategy, follows a

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New Key Account Manager to support the expansion of TEAM’s services

Nigel Ebdon, Key Account Manager

Experienced market development and sales manager, Nigel Ebdon, has joined TEAM Energy to drive the organisation’s business development in the South. Nigel has over 30 years’ experience in sales across energy software, BEMS, and metering solutions. Working for Secure Meters, a global supplier of metering and controls, Nigel has spent the past five years launching

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TEAM Energy strengthens its commercial Consultancy with two new appointments

In a move to further expand our regional offering, we have appointed two Commercial Energy Consultants, enabling the business to offer more local and competitive energy services to customers. Accredited Energy Assessors, Tom McLeish and James Bradley, have joined TEAM as part of our strategic growth plans, and development of our service offering. A former

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Top tips for making your HVAC more efficient this summer

Sunshine on a commercial building

We know that seasonal change has an impact on how we manage our energy, which is why energy professionals use a number of techniques to keep on top of energy wastage and minimise consumption at different times of the year. Some of these tactics may need investment, but basic principles of energy efficiency can make

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New Year Energy Diet in Five Steps

Energy management series: who will be my buddy?

So, it’s no secret, a bit of excess at Christmas might well leave many needing to shed a few pounds in the weeks afterwards – it almost seems inevitable! A similarly inescapable truth seems to be that pounds are only ever added to energy bills; long term trends see prices go up, but not down.

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Winter energy assessment: 10 factors to consider

Display Energy Certificates

Now that daylight-saving has ended there will be a dramatic change in light at the end of the day. As the days get shorter and the temperature drops over the coming months, your organisation’s energy consumption will naturally rise. To help you make your seasonal assessment of your building controls and to ensure that your

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Getting Value From Your Recommendation Report

Are you getting value from your Recommendation Report

As part of our Display Energy Certificate (DEC) service, we are required to issue a Recommendation Report alongside the DEC if one is not currently in place or the existing one has expired. A Recommendation Report contains specific energy-saving measures that were identified as part of a site survey. They are valid for seven years

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Top 10 Energy Saving Tips for the Winter

Non domestic RHI Scheme

At this time of year, we all revisit the heating controls and turn on the lights earlier at home. It’s not so straightforward for businesses; with numerous people occupying the premises and large, complicated heating and cooling systems. So, if you’re responsible for the energy management in your building and the comfort of your organisation’s

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ESOS phase 2 compliance period is coming!

ESOS Scheme

As we approach the second phase of ESOS’ 4-yearly obligation, now is a good time to consider what steps to take to make the process as painless as possible. TEAM’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme’s lead assessor, Justine Grant, explains how to facilitate this process. ESOS Qualification Date The date that must be included in your

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