Climate Change Levy. It’s coming for you….

Climate Change Levy

You may have been fortunate, falling under the radar for all sorts of environmental legislation, to have never had to learn the acronyms CRC, ESOS, DEC, GHG. However, this next one is one you will have to learn. CCL – the Climate Change Levy is coming for you, it’s coming for everyone. CCL has been

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ESOS help for non-compliant businesses

More than 3,000 companies eligible for the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) still haven’t notified the Environment Agency (EA) of their intent to comply. The Environment Agency has repeatedly issues warnings of the substantial fines (see below table) that will be imposed on organisations that do not comply by 29th January. Companies that miss the

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ESOS – Non-compliant businesses urged to take ‘immediate action’

ESOS Newsletter Issue 1

Businesses who have not started their Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) compliance are being sent letters and urged to take immediate action. Up to 3,500 companies still haven’t notified the Environment Agency (EA) of their intent to comply. Under current legislation, over 10,000 of the UK’s largest businesses must conduct a detailed energy audit across

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Concerned you’re not going to make the ESOS January deadline?

ESOS Service

Have you met the ESOS Deadline? The ESOS deadline has been and gone and you’ve notified the Environment Agency that you wish to have an extension to meet the compliance deadline… Or have you? According the latest figures, out of the 10,000 companies that meet the requirements for the ESOS legislation; i.e. have more than

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