Important lessons learnt from the ESOS Phase 1 audit

Justine Grant - Renewable Heat Incentive expert

An important date to be aware of for your ESOS phase 2 audit is 31 December 2018. This date must be included in your 12 months’ worth of energy data. So, if you start Phase 2 now, this date will be included, and you will reduce the risk of missing deadlines and you will avoid

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Need help implementing recommendations from your ESOS Assessment?

ESOS audit for the Environment Agency

Participants of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) are being audited, the Environment Agency (EA) has revealed. Since the last compliance deadline, the EA have been working with external contractors to carry out compliance audits of participants ESOS assessments. It has carried out over 200 compliance audits and expect to conduct a further 180 this

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ESOS Participants can start their ESOS audit for Phase 2 now!

ESOS audit for the Environment Agency

Did you know that Phase 2 of Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) has already started? The Environment Agency (EA), says organisations that qualify for Phase 2 of the ESOS scheme should start working on their energy audits and identifying energy saving opportunities now. The next ESOS compliance deadline will be the 5th December 2019 but

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What is next for ESOS compliant businesses?

Energy Saving Opportunity (ESOS) Scheme

Ellen Salazar, an ESOS lead assessor at TEAM, explains why businesses should be implementing the recommendations of their ESOS audit. ESOS compliance is mandatory, however implementing the recommendations of an ESOS audit is not. But companies that stand to truly benefit from ESOS are those prepared to go the distance by fully adopting and embracing

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