Sigma Energy Management Software

Spreadsheets aren’t databases – is it time to change?

Ensuring your data is good quality, consistent and reliable is important to be able to understand and report on your energy data. Choosing the correct system to do this is key to successfully utilising your data to identify anomalies, optimise your energy efficiency and make cost savings. Despite spreadsheets being a popular tool to manage

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Harnessing digital for successful energy management

COVID-19 has forced everyone to rethink their relationship with technology. As organisations have found themselves forced into accelerating their plans for digital transformation to enable remote working and continue operating effectively, if you haven’t already, now is the time to consider how digital can support your energy management. There are numerous benefits to digitising your

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Sigma Spotlight – Trend Analysis and Exception Reporting

Our last Sigma roadmap release delivered a suite of data monitoring tools that gave energy professionals confidence that their energy data is accurate, complete, consistent and timely. Assurance in having high quality data is one thing and our latest roadmap release means the available data works that little bit harder. Identifying and tracking unusual patterns

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Sigma Spotlight – Data Monitoring

Monitoring & Targeting

Utility costs can be the second or third largest cost for an organisation, and often the one under a lot of scrutiny from a budget cutting and sustainability point of view. Having the right tools to help you manage, control and reduce energy usage is paramount. We can’t support our customers to build an optimised

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Sigma’s evolutionary journey in 2018

Monitoring & Targeting

As we launch the 2019 roadmap for Sigma, now is a good time to reflect on the journey so far. When EDW Technology acquired TEAM in 2017, they promised to make significant changes for our flagship energy management software, Sigma. Release 10 In spring 2018, a major architectural update delivered a brand-new look Sigma with

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TEAM Energy Management Conference 2018

Energy Management Conference 2018 Menu

The Changing Energy Landscape. With revitalised content for this year’s TEAM Energy Management Conference, our talented line up of expert speakers will share insights and give information on the challenging and changing energy landscape and shine a light on how the potential for evolving technologies can drive value for the public and private sectors. Our

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Integration a first step

Energy in Buildings & Industry (Eibi) June 2018

Energy in Buildings & Industry’s editor, Mark Thrower, recently interviewed TEAM’s CEO, Simon Miles, for their regular “View from the top” feature. They talked about EDW’s takeover of TEAM, the integration of two businesses and the ambition for the future. Read the full article

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Sigma Energy Management software development; Yellowfin case study


Last week saw the launch of the latest version of the Sigma Energy Management software incorporating Sigma Energy Intelligence. By partnering with Yellowfin, we have created an exciting new addition to the Sigma hosted-software suite. Yellowfin was chosen, following a lengthy vendor-selection process, to provide us with their industry-leading business intelligence, dashboard, reporting, and data-analytics

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SaaS vs On-Premise Energy Management Software

SaaS Energy Management Solution

Behind every organisation, lies the great energy management IT debate: Software as a Service (SaaS) or an on-premise Solution? Many organisations, both in the public and private sector, are now looking to Cloud computing to help manage their energy consumption. But there are still some companies that believe the on-premise option is a better deal.

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