Managing Schools Energy with the Sigma Energy Viewer

Bedford Borough Council

Schools in Bedford are being introduced to the Sigma Energy Viewer (SEV) as part of an attempt to get them to pay less for their energy usage. Bedford Borough Council wants to raise energy and water awareness amongst schools and believes the Sigma Energy Viewer is the way forward. Samantha Guy, the council’s Senior Energy

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Time for cloud-based energy management

Timothy Holman

TEAM’s Solutions Director Tim Holman explains why he believes organisations and businesses should be embracing cloud-based energy management tools. Many organisations, both in the public and private sector, are now looking to cloud computing to help manage their energy consumption. Those with multiple sites are looking at ways to share energy data with a large

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Somerset County Council saves £8,000 per year thanks to TEAM

Sigma Energy Viewer used by Somerset County Council

Somerset County Council has made savings of £8,000 per year thanks to TEAM’s Sigma Energy Viewer, The saving was identified after TEAM’s Sigma Energy Viewer helped to identify a water leak in the main council building. Abigail Lamberti, Energy Manager for Somerset County Council, said she was delighted with the savings. She said: “Using the

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What is your energy issue?

Energy Live News

What are the energy issues affecting your business right now? Energy issues affect every of our customers. In this short video montage taken from TEAM’s 27th User Group Conference in Milton Keynes last November, TEAM customers Greggs, Lancashire County Council, Somerset County Council and DW Sports discuss the issues that are affecting their businesses right

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TEAM launches Sigma Importing Agent for simple BEMS data transfer

New Sigma Importing Agent for simple BEMS data transfer The new Sigma Importing Agent is designed to simplify the transfer of data from a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) or any other system into a Sigma Database. Specifically developed for organisations using TEAM’s Hosted or Bureau Services this enables you to utilise your interval data

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Energy Management just got simpler with the Sigma Energy Viewer

Sigma Energy Viewer

TEAM is pleased to announce the development of our new Sigma Energy Viewer. Having listened to customer feedback and needs, we identified an area whereby we could provide an enhanced user experience. The Sigma Energy Viewer has been designed as a streamlined way to access data from your Sigma Energy Management Software. Similar to the

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