Bedford Borough Council

What do Bedford Borough Council use? Sigma Energy Management Software

Bedford Borough Council currently use Sigma Energy Management Software to monitor their energy data. They upload their meter reads through AMR data and billing data so they can monitor and report on their usage. This means that they benefit from having a central source with all there bill and meter numbers in one place, and can load all their billing data for validation purposes. Bedford Borough Council also benefits from the flexibility Sigma Energy Viewer (SEV) gives them to monitor their energy consumption and energy bills. While the automatic meter read validation through the Sigma Energy Viewer helps the council to eliminate data entry errors and thereby increase their efficiency while processing bills.

Without TEAM we would have to spend a lot of time validating our bills, going through and checking them. It would be so manual and it would take so much more officer time and we don’t really have the resource to do that without TEAM.

Samantha Guy, Corporate Carbon & Energy Manager