DW Sports Fitness

What does DW Sports Fitness use? Sigma Energy Management Software & Sigma Energy Viewer

DW Sports Fitness were looking to work smarter and chose TEAM for the look, feel and functionality of our Sigma Energy Management Software. It was evident to DW Sports Fitness how they could integrate Sigma Energy Management Software and make it an integral part of their business.

They use the desktop and browser versions of the Sigma Software as well as the flexible Sigma Energy Viewer. The simple energy viewer is an easy-to-use, flexible and mobile system which helps them to monitor and manage their energy consumption (using half hourly data feeds), costs and submit their meter reads into Sigma Software which in turn helps their store managers to see what is going on in their business. The software helps them to report quickly and accurately on energy consumption within any one of their network of stores.

They are an organisation that will work with you to give you what you are after, rather than sell you a straight forward package that is out of the box.

Dan Hubbard, Utlities Manager