Lincolnshire Coop

What do the Lincolnshire Coop use? TEAM Sigma Software and CRC Module

Lincolnshire Coop Initially used as a central database for recording their energy bills, they have increasingly been using TEAM’s Sigma Software for reporting and monitoring their energy use through half hourly data usage. The measurement and verification function helps them to make sure that the energy use and billing amounts are correct  The information that TEAM’s Sigma Software contains allows for accurate comparisons between sites, so you can idenitify which of your sites are using more energy. Using electronic billing through TEAM’s Bulk Bill Checker has also meant that they have freed up time for Coop staff to use the data from Sigma to help identify areas where they can make energy savings.

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We use it quite extensively, certainly for monitoring and controlling all of our energy use.

Julie Stevenson, Group Accountant
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