Lincolnshire Police Authority

What does the Lincolnshire Police Authority use? Flexible Energy Management Service

Lincolnshire Police Authoritys new approach to energy management

Lincolnshire Police Authority leads the way amongst police authorities with its innovative approach to energy management by becoming the first police authority in the UK to use TEAM’s Flexible Energy Management Service through our Sigma Energy Management Software. This service meant that the police authority had an Energy Manager on site who was responsible for carrying out Sigma training which included demonstrating Sigma’s extensive reporting function. This also allowed the police authority to analyse the utility costs and consumption data from the force’s sites and allows the police authority to make recommendations to save money.

It was important first of all to find out where we were making substantial cost savings and the areas where we had an excessive energy spend. We were aware that TEAM offer a range of Consultancy services and so we approached them to initially carry out some free Carbon Trust survey work.

Chris Hitchens, Estates Manager