NHS Lanarkshire

What do NHS Lanarkshire use? Sigma Energy Management Software

Saving energy as well as lives

The UK’s healthcare sector spends more than £400 million per year on energy, with electricity accounting for over 50% of a hospital’s energy cost according to the Carbon Trust, March 12th. Hospitals are said to be among the biggest energy users in the UK as they are open 24 hours a day, they have unique and unpredictable demands. Managing consumption of electricty, gas and water, as well as reducing emissions is one of the reason why the NHS trust decided to implement Sigma Energy Management Software to monitor and create targets for energy use.

NHS Lanarkshire plans to use existing data from their Sigma Energy Management software to analyse carbon management. This will allow NHS Lanarkshire to measure additional greenhouse gas emissions and work towards their voluntary target of a 15% reduction in CO2 by 2016.

Flexibility is the main advantage for us when it comes to using TEAM Sigma software. At NHS Lanarkshire we produce monthly, quarterly and annual reports. The flexibility offered by the software allows me to not only find the specific data needed for each ‘individual report, but I can do it quickly.

Marie Porteous, Head of Sustainability & Environmental Management