Arriva (formally Northern Rail)

What do Arriva use? Sigma Energy Management Software

Arriva (formally known as Northern Rail) uses Sigma Energy Management Software to process their utility bills using EDI files from their suppliers. Using Sigma Dashboards allows their staff to see how their efforts affect the energy usage of their site. TEAM’s Sigma Software also enables them to show their staff how their actions can have an impact on the energy usage of the site. For example by turning off a light will show up on their energy usage chart the next day. The software also enables the company to compare their data against previous years which they can use as a benchmark for their current usage and identify reductions.

We get major interaction with our station staff and station managers. We can show them how their actions can actually have an impact on the energy usage of the site. So for example turning their lights off on a small site will show a big reduction and we can show them the graph the next day.

Euan Hilton, Utilities Specialist