Torfaen County Borough Council

What do Torfaen County Borough Council use? Sigma Energy Management Software

Torfaen County Borough Council streamlines its utility bill processing and payment process by using TEAM

Increasingly, organisations are turning to centralised billing and payment solutions to automate their utility invoice processing and reconciliation and to better track compliance with current energy management legislation.

After initial meetings with Allan, TEAM recommended their Sigma EDI Billing solution to the council. These solutions would be compatible with the Torfaen’s existing Sigma Energy Management Software, and create an automated utility bill processing and electronic payments system that the council could manage in-house.

We had a lot to learn about getting the most out of our new system, but it’s been worth it. TEAM’s EDI solutions have streamlined and strengthened many processes for the better, and this has had a really positive impact on our work in the Energy Team.

Allan Jones, Energy Manager