University of Warwick case study: Energy data pioneers

With a vision to create a smart and sustainable campus, the University of Warwick harnessed the power of TEAM’s Sigma energy management technology to help achieve its energy and carbon efficiency strategy.

The challenge

As one of the largest University campuses in Europe, Warwick has more than 150 buildings and 6,500 accommodation rooms running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Their typical annual utility spend is in excess of £8m – an equivalent of 6,700 UK homes.

With vision for a smart and efficient campus by uniting technology and collaboration, the University looked to implement an energy and carbon strategy putting environmental sustainability at its core.

The solution

Warwick harnessed Sigma, TEAM’s energy management solution, delivered as a software as a service. This flexible and cost-effective option provides the University with more control over their data than a proprietary solution.

The benefits
The power of energy data

Sigma’s specialised reporting feature brings energy data to life. By utilising its intelligent reporting functionality, Warwick can produce data rich analysis and exception reports helping them efficiently monitor their energy consumption.

Its intuitive Energy Intelligence module offers flexible and simple dashboard monitoring that their energy team customise depending on their business and energy management needs.

With a large energy estate comprising of almost 3,000 meters, Sigma also reduces the time and costs associated with meter reading through automated remote half-hourly data capture.

Budget tracking and awareness

Efficient and accurate monitoring of their utility budget is important to Warwick. By utilising Sigma’s Tenant Billing module they are able to effectively apportion and bill internal and external tenants, while keeping a detailed track of their utility spend.

Accurate data is fundamental in helping Warwick engage with various departments across campus and raise awareness of energy efficiency. Through customisable dashboard reports they can simply display comparative energy usage to staff and students, enabling key behaviour changing projects as part of their energy and carbon efficiency strategy.



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